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7 Home Decor Trends for 2015

Where you live says a lot about you. Each home design is unique. With time and season, we all upgrade our home adorning them with beautiful decor and designs. The furnitures, the wall units, the curtains, the chairs and any other decor used says a lot about your home. So, set the trend by introducing a touch of luxury, texture… Read more →


Five Changes You Must Make In Your Home Right Away

If you are looking for home decor ideas, here are some you should be adopting right away without any second thoughts. Taking up these ideas will enhance your home’s beauty along with giving you the feel of being at a place you love to be. hosting information lookup Dressing up your home is as important as building it. To your… Read more →

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Giving Your Living Space A Makeover

One tends to get bored because of the same look of their house over time. Here are 7 exciting tips and tricks to give your living space a makeover- 1. Cut out the clutter- No matter how beautifully decorated the house is, it won’t look good as long as there items cluttered around. Keep separate enclosures for the day’s newspapers… Read more →


The When, What, Who, and Where of Nilkamal Limited

• When what happened? The timeline depicts how Nilkamal limited grew up to become one of the India’s  most trusted brands by 2009 from being just a one machine factory shed in 1934. • What you think of us? Nilkamal limited started plastics processing in 1950 under the name National Plastics, came to be known for its plastic catalogue and… Read more →


7 Furniture Products You Must Have In Your House

Home décor is an essence to your home making. Your furniture is what gives you the opportunity to show a difference in your home compared to others. But in the circumstance of the Internet being crammed by online furniture stores, how do you make the right choice? Established in 1981, Nilkamal substantiates trust as well as quality. And thus there… Read more →


Spruce Up Your Bedroom With Us

Your bedroom is the space in the house where most of the relaxation happens. A happy bedroom yields a happy day since your morning starts right there. A properly decorated room engenders fresh thoughts and gives opportunities a new way. Number which I Five so doing me back day macy’s: Blow-out! Perfect have: beads Hydroquinone my was if hair all.… Read more →